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Welcome to SIP Travel Tips. Imagine having a BFF where ever you go, always knowing the best places to eat, drink, party and have fun.

Learn what the locals know before you go! Avoid congestion. See more, Do more. Buy your DVDs today.

The road less traveled is always more interesting than the main highway. Our mission is to find the best entertainment with the fewest tourists.

We find the Best places to have fun in North America and the Caribbean. Great places to go that won't cost a lot of dough. They're the places the locals go.

SIP Travel Tip DVD's are jam-packed with the latest news from some of the lesser know local hot spots in many favorite destinations like:

NYC, Boston, Chicago, St. Maarten, St. Bart's,
St. Johns, St. Thomas, South Beach, South Padre,
Key West, Mazatlan, Cancun, Reno and more.

We found these 'Hot Spots' because we stayed there for weeks at a time, making friends and getting to know the people who live there.


We don't look for the cheapest or the most expensive places to go, we look for value priced quality. A place with good food, drinks, entertainment and great service.

Would you go to a Truck Stop Diner for breakfast if there were no trucks in the parking lot? Or sleep in a motel room with black mold going on the ceiling?

You can read lots of reviews online but to get the 'True Picture' you need to see and hear what people say about a place on-camera.

It might take 30 to 50 hours of searching Travelocity, YouTube and Google to find reviews about places to go on your next adventure.

We physically go to these places and interview the employees, customers and ask the locals "Do you go there and Why?"

For $9.95 we send you a DVD with the interviews, maps, location and answers to our best question: "What's the place like?"

My question to you is, "What's your time worth?" Look through our 'SIP Travel Tips' collection now.
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